MAIDS READY values your house as ours and appreciates your business.

MAIDS READY POLICIES protects you and our company to maximize our services, please read the following policies and terms.

MAIDS READY all our crews are experience and have the best knowledge for the cleaning, we DO NOT NEED to be supervised, we need to be able to work free and without any distractions.

MAIDS READY SAFETY woks cautiously, but we cannot assume any liability for the safety of others or any special guest such as pets, or family members,

MAIDS READY LIABILITY would advise all out clients that if we are subject to any type of distraction we reserve the right to charge for our extra time spend. Please let our crews do their job and be safe at the same time.

MAIDS READY EQUIPMENT all cleaning equipment and supplies are furnished at no extra cost to all our clients

MAIDS READY CONDUCT our crews do not smoke, eat or drink while they are inside of your property, our crews do not watch TV, operate Dishwasher or Coffee makers, do not turn on any electronic device such as Radio or Cd players. Our crew are inside your house for one reason only… to clean your home.

MAIDS READY TEAM or crews work normally in team of 2-3 ladies. Occasionally our teams include more or less.

MAIDS READY PAYMENTS are due at the time of the service. We accept cash, Visa/ Master Card, and Checks. Checks have to be made to Maids Ready with the final amount, Please add License Number for Check verification.

Empty Properties should be only pay by cash, no checks or credit cards allowed.

MAIDS READY VALUABLES to avoid accidents, it would be helpful to secure valuables, collectibles, expensive glass. We limit our liability for breakage to a maximum of $100.00 clients must remove any items that have value either economic value or sentimental value the day of the cleaning. We are not responsible for any items broken after we leave your house without the client reporting the break while the crew is inside the property.

MAIDS READY MINOR- RULES our crew won’t be able to clean if small children are unattended, please do not leave small children unattended where they could also have access to our cleaning supplies or equipment, Some Cleaning supplies are harmful if swallowed.

MAIDS READY SCHEDULE CLEANING if you need to reschedule or skip your regular cleaning day, we appreciate a 48 hour notice. If we are unable to enter the home upon arrival it may be necessary to asses a lockout fee $45.00 to cover expenses, Lockout fee are $65.00 during holidays. Services reminder are made a day before of the cleaning if you need to skip a service a charge will be added $25.00 to the next week ( Regular Clients only )

MAIDS READY PETS AND PLANTS we are pet friendly, but we do appreciate your help to keep our crews safe, please make sure pets are secure and safe on your cleaning day. Our office should be made aware of any special requirements in safeguarding your pets. We do not take care of plants; we are not able to maintain them.

MAIDS READY EXTRA WORK our cleaning crews follow our check list for our Standard Cleaning and also have specific instructions to customize when is required by the client. Please let our office know for additional needs.

MAIDS READY KEYS please make sure our cleaning crew has an essay access to your home on the cleaning day. Most of our clients provide us with a key. Customers keys ate kept secure in our office, we’ll place a tag with the number that belongs to the system, the system has the client’s number, address and general information. This information won’t be displayed in the tag.
MAIDS READY ALARMS if your home is equipped with an alarm system, please be sure it is OFF or UNARMED position prior to our arrival.

MAIDS READY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for regular scheduled customers with ongoing services if our cleaning is not done to your satisfaction please inform our office and within 24 hours we will promptly return to your residence to re clean the areas missed.

New clients, we will Re-clean a property if the client is present at the time of the cleaning and if the client is not satisfied, the cleaning crew would re clean the areas until the client is completely satisfied at the time of the cleaning. We will finish the job until the client is completely satisfied.

There’s NO RE-CLEANING on clients that are not present at the time of the cleaning.

There’s NO- RECLEANING on special coupons, specials or empty houses. Make ready are not qualify for this guarantee.

MAIDS READY EFFICIENCY CLEANING prior to the cleaning crew arrival, please remove all items that may delay our cleaning service, such as clothes, shoes, books, toys, or any small item. Picking up the house will maximize efficiency and minimize the time we spend to clean your house. If you need the crew to pick up or straight up your house it will be an extra charge added to your cleaning (please advise 24 hrs. prior to the service) . Clients can also send a quick e mail for any special request

MAIDS READY TIME OFF POLICY if a client is taking time off due to economic stress, vacation or just would love to skip weeks, it’ll be a charge of $15.00 to put the account on hold

(Monthly) until the client goes back to a regular schedule or until the client wants to completely cancel.

Cancellation policy: We understand there may be times when you have a change of plans. We need a 48 hour notice to reschedule or cancel. If no prior notice is given to Maids Ready Representatives, we’ll send out a crew to clean, if you cancel the cleaning the same day, we do have a $75.00 cancellation charge; this will be charge to your credit card on file, or bill to your home. Cancellations will be only taken during business hours. Please be advice that cancellation charge is due to the reserved space that was not given to any other potential client.

MAIDS READY ARRIVAL TIMES we will provide the day before of the cleaning the time for arrival, we provide services between the hours of 7:00 am-7:00 pm. We are committed to provide you reliable cleaning services; we are also committed to the safety of our drivers and crews assistants. This is why we are reaching out in advance, so you know how we manage weather interruptions, traffic or any other problems that we make a change on the schedule.

We’ll provide an estimated time of arrival for the cleaning crew to show up at your property; unfortunately we can be positive that any of our crews will face any problems on the road, please allow our crews to arrive within 1-3 hours delay. If the weather is bad, the traffic is heavy, or an accident has occurred, we will be in need to re schedule your house to be clean next day.

MAIDS READY EQUIPMENT/CHEMICALS Maids Ready will come to your house fully equipped; we will provide all necessary equipment and cleaning supplies. If you have a special request, such as the use of green cleaning chemicals, or stone cleaning, BONA, or any special marble cleaning, you'll need to let us know, and leave it on top of the counter for the maids, label.  Maids Ready won’t be able to use harm products that might damage your property and damage the health of our crews.

MAIDS READY BREAKABLE POLICY we’re not responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of any such as (Curtains, Baseboards, Blinds, Shelves, Furniture, Mirrors, and Ceiling fans).We are not responsible for items in bad condition or broken items.
We assume all stone surfaces are sealed and ready to clean without causing damage.

If you have a valuable or irreplaceable item you'll need to put it away. (Items of extreme value (monetary or sentimental) should be dusted or cleaned by the owner).
Once our crew is out of your property and you did not report a broken item (Clients Present at the time of cleaning only) we won’t be responsible for any broken items in the house.

Our Company does not take responsibilities due to customer’s lack of information about location of fragile items and bad installation of devices and equipment. If damage occurs due to our fault, we guarantee you replacement as quickly as possible; report has to be made while the crew is at the property.

MAIDS READY NON REFUND POLICY we’ll endure first class cleaning, but in case we fail to do it (believe us this happens rarely!) WE DO NOT offer refunds on services that have been provided. We will however return and re-clean for any problems reported within 24 hrs. GUARANTEE.

Maids Ready will send the same crew to re do your service if there's something you were not pleased with, not a different crew. This service is only for the areas you are dissatisfied with at no additional cost to you.


Any job that has been done at least an hour is due to a payment, if a client would like to stop the service at any time, client will be bill for $75.00 cancellation service.

MAIDS READY CONSTRUCTION WORK Maids Ready will clean, deep cleaning or deluxe cleaning on those houses that have been clean not more than 3 months before, please advise if your house it’s in bad condition or has been on construction for the proper estimate.
Houses after construction, changed of floors, carpets, counter tops, blinds or any other construction leaves behind lots of dust, even if the crew cleans the dusts will re settles after 1 hour after the cleaning, the client will probably need two Basic Cleanings after a Deep Cleaning for at least 4 weeks more.
Re Settles Dust:

Dust gets trap and float after cleaning through the air. This dust gets trapped in filters inside vents, and will come down again when the air conditioning starts. Please be aware that is not the fault of our crews, they do dust, but its normal to get the dust again


  • Provide service to households during the times that the house is occupied by unsupervised children or teenagers
  • Operate stoves, trash compactors, or other electric, gas, or kerosene appliances; we do not open any water if you have closed it.
  • Provide service during the summer months to homes without adequate air-conditioning
  • Operate motor vehicle
  • Provide service during the winter months to homes without adequate heating
  • Access your phone without your permission or answering machine
  • Do not move furniture to clean under
  • Hand wash pots or Dishes
  • Provide services other than housecleaning; please feel free tin inquire about referrals for vendors of other services
  • Let in service people such as water meter readers, UPS drivers, and so forth
  • Feed pets, clean up pet accidents or water your plants
  • Exchange keys with anyone other than the contracted client
  • Sell or share residential or e-mail addresses, names or telephone numbers with any other company or organization
  • Do not climb higher than a 2 step ladder
  • We do clean carpets ( vacuum only )
  • Do not do any RE DO CLEANINGS to homes that the client is not present at the time of cleaning
  • We do not clean outside cabinets in our regular Basic Cleaning
  • We do not clean pictures frames in any of our packages
  • We do not pick up heavy rugs
  • We do not was dishes, pots or grills ( we’ll load dishwasher if empty)
  • We do not clean under beds or sofas
  • We do not clean panel blinds, sliding window panels, window tracks, or panel tracks, we only clean reachable window glass
  • We do not clean high lamps or chandeliers
  • We do not Pick up- Straight out home without Requesting by E mail
  • We do not Provide information of insurance
  • We do not provide personal information of our Employees
  • We are not responsible for Items missing, please keep your valuable belonging in a safe place.
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