About Maids Ready

About Maids Ready

We are proud and dedicated leader in the house cleaning industry with a commitment to protecting your home/Office and fit your needs at the same time. Our cleaning company has been providing high quality Residential and Commercial Cleaning services for over 10 years, We have built a strong relationship not only with our job but with all our clients, he have the best competitive prices with a flat fee that no company will provide but us.

We use Certified Cleaning Products to keep you safe and clean at the same time. We also use incredible Commercial vacuums with exceptional power for every cleaning challenge, kids, pets and everyday life. We also use special microfiber dusting cloths; all our cleaning supplies and equipment are more than up to the task and better satisfaction of all our clients.

Maids Ready Commercial Cleaning is ready to keep your workplace clean and tidy, so that you can concentrate on your business. We have a knowledgeable trained staff that works during day and night to have the your office, building, store, or just your personal space, the best techniques, the right commercial equipment, the best security procedures, programs, coordination within staff will be guide to handle the very specific office cleaning guide to meet all needs of any office building.

Maids Ready has created the best Combos & Specials to fit your needs with the best possible price. We have the most attractive system to clean and detail clean your home from top to bottom all year long.

Our Cleaning Crews are professionals that have experience an extensive training with our leaders in the field; all of our crews are insured and bonded

Maids Ready has one of the best set up appointment in this business; we’ll be at your home on time, uniformed, with all the needed supplies to get the job done. Maids Ready will placed a call, E mail, or text, as a reminder of your cleaning the day before for you to plan the day ahead

Maids Ready gives the best Customer Service guarantee we’ll treat you not as another client, we’ll treat you as our first client, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of work we’ll provide you, or you can contact us. We will promptly return and re clean all the areas that have not been clean at no cost to you. We will clean up to your standards, we want you to come home and enjoy the rest of the day. Let us take care of all the stress in your house, come back home and relax.

Maids Ready is an Affordable & Reliable Cleaning Service, for FREE estimates please contact us at 281-866-1087 our local office.

Maids Ready works intensively to manage every account as our own home, we have all clients blog with the information needed, we’ll save your likes, your needs, your pets names, kids and special request and the most important and no other company does, we will write down the budget you can’t exceed to have your house clean, this means that the price that has been given to you, even if it was an special price, it will be fix, no up or down on prices, also we have Pay plans for all our regular clients.

Maids Ready understands that it’s hard to find the right company, but with us you have a guarantee that everything will be done to fit your standards. Maids Ready understands that our clients have a hectic life between job, family, chores, shopping, and just living, leaves no time behind, our experience maids will take few hours in your home to clean it when you need it, No contracts attached. All our Maids are ready to work in teams; they’ll get through the job much faster than an individual. Working fast is due to experience not to lack of quality cleaning results. Call us and we can guarantee the job done right.

Maids Ready will provide a wonderful experience since you schedule a cleaning until we walk out of your door. Trust us, and there won’t be any regrets, guarantee.

Maids Ready Goal is to provide Cleaning Combos & Specials every day to fit all our customer’s needs and budgets. Our Rotation Cleaning or Standard Cleaning will give a quality service and the kind of cleaning you deserve without having to pay a high estimate or hours of labor. Our flat Rate will give you peace of mind knowing the our team will clean in the time needed without being charge for the extra time they will take to make you happy.

Maids Ready provides flat fees to all our clients, we are available weekly, biweekly,3 weeks, Monthly,6 weeks, one time, special occasions, emergency cleaning , and visitor arriving, when you choose. You can always expect quality professional service at flat rates.

Maids Ready understands that allowing our team into your home is a big decision. Each employee is carefully interview, screened and trained before they get into your home. A full background check is completed on all the staff; we maintain high quality standards to provide the best impression though our employees.

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